consulting services

to venues or services related to events.

Consulting services is the advice we can offer you to create a development plan for your business to sell your product in the events sector, either to hire rooms in the hotel / venue or to hire group menus to your restaurant or to publicize a catering company, animation, or other services.

Each sector has a lexicon and a way of acting, and if you want to enter the world of events you will have to evaluate what you have, what you need and how to market it.


Presentation of Filmax spaces for events where we presented the conceptualization of immersive experiences in 4DX that we had created for corporate groups through our consultancy. We created the scenography according to the characteristics of the event based on the theme of Bohemian Rhapsody and other films that guests could see in each room. We designed a related gastronomy where aesthetically and each bite alluded to the movies you were going to see. The goal was to surprise the attendees with new sensations.

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a previous

It will entail a first meeting for you to inform us of your objectives.

We will do a site-inspection and inventory of the existing.

We will evaluate what we have and what we need to achieve our goals.



We will develop the proposed actions, some of which may be:

External communication actions with zero cost and with cost.

Training and hiring of personnel if required.

Database expansion.

Focus on social networks.

 Visibility assessment in fairs, organizations and others.

Other personalized actions.


an after

Follow-up and evaluation of the actions that have been developed.

Other actions will be implemented on an ad hoc basis if required.