Free support for your events

Corporate, social and private events.

We put at your service our professionalism and experience in order to satisfy all your needs for free. With HELP EVENTS Consulting, you will save:

  • TIME in searching and selecting services.
  • MONEY, because we will negotiate for you the proposals that interest you in order to get more competitive prices as we are used to deal with venues, catering, restaurants or other services.
  • We send proposals according to your needs.
  • Support in decision making.
  • Knowing spaces and restaurants.
  • Design and originality in your events.
  • Gastronomic quality.
  • Excellence and the usual service.
  • We will put ourselves in your shoes and make your idea come true.
  • The check that they take care of the detail and are human to satisfy your expectations.

We do not charge for the help we offer to organize the event. You will only pay for the services you hire such as space, gastronomy, decoration and other additional services you require.

Because in our trajectory of more than 30 years of experience, until we decided to create our agency, many people told us that they would love to have their event organized but they could not afford to pay a professional for it. We thought about that comment...

Our intention is to give social value to everything we do and therefore we decided that we should create an agency, in 2010, where people have the luxury of having a responsible person to organize the event at no cost and we created Help Events Consulting.


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With just one click you will have access to a great gastronomic diversity of restaurants, hotels, caterings, spaces and experiences for groups on the occasion of meetings, congresses, conventions, corporate, social and private events.

Interested in working with us?

• Workday: Morning or Afternoon.
• Timetable: four hours.
• Functions: You will perform support functions for the event organization department.
• Positive attitude and willingness to work will be an asset.

• For Event Management.
• To enlarge Market.
• To be part of a Startup.
• Experience in event organization is a plus.



"It went very well. We had a great time! Thank you so much for the arrangements!!!"
"Congratulations! We loved the event, it was a resounding success in attendance and for us it was very interesting to be able to attend on a relational level."
"The event was fantastic. Thank you so much as usual for all your help and support. in everything."
Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics
"The proposal is very cool and we keep it for other laboratories, because many times we are asked for activities of this type."
"I highly recommend the service of Help Events, they helped us to find the ideal place for our wedding: a beautiful farmhouse, very special and with a lot of peace, to make a country celebration and full of meaning. She also helped us to find a catering service to suit our needs. I am sure that without her help, in so many important matters and other small but significant ones, that day would not have been as beautiful as it was. Her organizational skills, her continuous contact with us via email and phone, her reminder lists... allowed us to organize the wedding without excessive stress. For me she was like a fairy godmother who accompanied me throughout the whole process, in a very close way and I am enormously grateful to her. Her work on the day of the wedding was also commendable, coordinating all the professionals. Everyone, both the guests and the professionals were delighted with them. Thank you very much for everything, Help Events, I hope other people can enjoy and benefit from your help."